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Post by yashan » 03 Feb 2017, 13:40

TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR LAPTOPREFIX-ONLINE Starts From 20 feb 2017 Application form Available here Joining Policy:
  1. Any one can apply for online Work, who has an account in Laptoprefix.com
  2. User Must be an Indian.
  3. User must have an account on paytm for payments.
  4. User must not post any type of illegal documents and software which is directly published and printed by any company in world.
  5. laptoprefix.com team reserve right to terminate any user's account without intimation to the concerned user.
  6. user has to submit his Adhar card details and one photocopy for online work.

Working Policy:
  1. User can Work 24*7 from Home or Office.
  2. user must have online group member. which can done by application submit by user for online group.
  3. User must not post any illegal documents and software which is directly published and printed by any company in world.
  4. Daily Posting is compulsory that is even one post only.
  5. User must have post 30 topics For free Every Month.
  6. All Topics will review and checked by laptoprefix team.
  7. User cannot post topics and files same as user post before.
  8. Topics accepted for case studies, bios files and Tutorials.
  9. Topics must post in applicable forum.
Posting Policies:
  1. case studies and files must have model details and manufacture (quanta, compal etc) part number.
  2. Tutorials must have explanation with pictures and signal by signal.
  3. all files should be in zip or rar format otherwise rejected.
  4. user can post with the time delay of 10 minutes between two posts.
  5. posts and topics are two different things in this forum.
Payment Policy:
  1. user cannot get any money for first 30 topics every month. After 30 topics user get paid.
  2. Cost is Rs.1 per topic user can get in case studies and files uploading.
  3. Cost can non-fix and between Rs.2 to Rs.50 For Tutorials.
  4. User can get his details from Sky-board about topics and earning details.
  5. User cannot get payment unless user's earning reaches at rs. 1000.
Note: All above Policies can change by administration any time without given any notice .Points system is different from earning.
Points system is for general users for help against help. thanks and reply post not countable.
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