Asus X53S display problem

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Asus X53S display problem

Post by _maxim_ » 22 Mar 2018, 18:22

this is my first post here, so please be patient if I'm wrong with some description.

A laptop Asus X53S-SX607V has a LCD panel problem. When the laptop is powered on, the backlight is on as well (can see the white light in the bottom background). There is no picture nor Asus Logo at boo time, I can see only a gray static texture very light, and normal LED activities.

The external monitor output is perfect, the boot is perfect and the OS loads without a problem.

By forcing the switch between LCD panel/ext monitor with the F-key, the LCD panel get the backlight ON all the times , but is still without any image.

What could be the reason?

nVidia chip? Inverter? LCD panel ?

Thanks for any help here
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Re: Asus X53S display problem

Post by irull89 » 01 May 2018, 22:19

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Re: Asus X53S display problem

Post by Geelinkstech » 25 Jan 2019, 00:39

The first things is to check if it’s an AMD motherboard before going for reballing.
If it’s a modules(inverter) screen. You’ll need to get the 3.3v and 19v before it can display well(on the inverter pin 3&4). And it’s moduless (without inverter) screen,You’ll have to trace the 3.3v and 19v(pin 5&6 at the back of the screen conncetor)

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Re: Asus X53S display problem

Post by evil696 » 21 Jun 2019, 15:05

X53S its Nvidia based laptop. Its not GPU. Propably LCD or LCD Cable. Reconnect lcd cable to lcd chceck on another lcd.
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