HP Mini 210 no power DANM6AMB6F0 Rev :F

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HP Mini 210 no power DANM6AMB6F0 Rev :F

Post by gaurav » 25 Dec 2019, 20:54

Case Study
HP Mini 210 no power

MB Part No. : DANM6AMB6F0 Rev :F
Problem : No power
Troubleshooting : Found DC Jack not working, repair jack then 3valw/5valw ok, on/off sw ok but press switch no power, then find +vccrtc at r8151 ok but other end 0v, c8129 leakage, change and now laptop is on but no display, bios done but no display, then call to customer and ask where you gave laptop before me, then call and dealer and got original bios from him and write, now laptop display ok.
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